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Ethvert brand kan ansøge om at blive vist her, den eneste betingelse er, at du har en virksomhed, der promoverer bæredygtige produkter eller tjenester.

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Image by Ruslan Bardash

Biodegradable and organic footwear



Lusquinos is a footwear biodegradable and totally organic brand. We are using no chemicals, no petroleum, no metal, no plastic and are totally planet friendly.
Using natural crepe and cork on its handmade soles using water based glues.
Established in 2006 but relaunched as a biodegradable brand during the pandemic in 2020 after years of investigation.

Image by Ruslan Bardash

We make conscious Fashion a simple choice



It all begins with a child
Orbasics began as one mother’s journey to find comfortable, sustainable and stylish clothes without harmful chemicals for her child and turned into a mission to make a difference in the clothing industry.

Image by Ruslan Bardash

Sustainable Scandinavian bags for everyday life in the city



Kintobe is a Danish brand making urban functional bags for everyday life in the city. We want to pass on to the next generation a kinder world, both towards people and towards the Earth. That’s why we are striving to make 100% sustainable bags, using recycled GRS-certified materials.

Image by Ruslan Bardash

First zero-emission line Northman Yachts - Electric & Fuel Cell powered

Natural Yachts


We are a Dutch family-owned company with over ten years of experience in electric propulsion and marine energy systems. Out of passion and expertise, our watersports family business has been established. We are committed in creating and accelerating the transition to sustainable and clean watersports for all.

Natural Yachts offers a line of zero-emission yachts, 100% electric and optionally with a fuel cell range extender to be independent of shorepower. Experience the yachts in our experience center in Heeg, Friesland, the Netherlands. If you would like to experience electric boating or the yachts for a longer period it is also possible to charter the yachts! We would love to welcome you and tell you more.

Image by Ruslan Bardash

The brightest and boldest kids clothes handmade in Northampton.



Our style is ‘a slice of Brighton with a sprinkle of Stockholm’ - think playful prints, Scandi styles, and rainbow shades – with a focus on quality, sustainability and affordability.

Image by Ruslan Bardash

Toothpaste reborn.

wb daily care


The only plastic-free and clean way to replace the paste you've used your whole life. Innovative tooth care products in reusable packaging that are convenient, effective and affordable.

Image by Ruslan Bardash

Sustainable and handmade clothes for women

Vivien Joy


Vivien Joy is a sustainable fashion label that places great value on fair and sustainable production. Exceptional and beautiful cuts play a big role, just as a cosy fit is extremely important. Minimalism is also something that the brand stands for, because less is more. As we all know, we should buy less, but more consciously and, above all, only what suits us.

Image by Ruslan Bardash

Kind to your feet. Kind to the planet.

Kind Socks


We have reimagined a classic sock in a fun ethical way - giving this everyday essential sock the love it deserves.

Image by Ruslan Bardash

A sustainable range of plastic-free, cruelty-free oral care products, that are designed by dentists.



PÄRLA is our eco-friendly solution to this never-ending story of destruction. Our toothpaste tabs are an ethical, eco-friendly and effective alternative to toothpaste in a tube.
Toothpaste should protect people’s smiles – without harming the environment or those who depend upon it.
Our plan is to radically transform what we use to clean our teeth.

Image by Ruslan Bardash

SEVEN TREES provides luxurious organic cosmetics in plant-based packaging for everyday indulgence.



SEVEN TREES is a Munich-based Indie-beauty label dedicated to creating clean organic cosmetics for your daily care. All products are handmade of effective plant-based, yet palmoil-free ingredients and are exclusively offered in plant-based packaging. Soaps and solid shampoos are wrapped in sustainably produced paper only, whereas the jars for deodorant, hairwax and body balm are made of wood and natural binders. Thus, they are fully bio-degradeable. We want our customers to indulge in their daily care ritual, but at the same time having a good conscience for using SEVEN TREES perfectly sustainable care routine.

Image by Ruslan Bardash

Zero-waste alternative to polluting plastic straws



When you feel like sipping your favourite smoothie, but don't want to leave any waste behind. Sipture Bamboo Straws are 100% natural, durable and - best of all - REUSABLE. The raw material of the bamboo plant is a perfect substitute to harming single-use plastics. Our straws are not only earth-friendly, they also give an exotic look to your drink. Each straw has been beautifully handcrafted by local artisans in Vietnam.

Image by Ruslan Bardash

100% natural and clean skincare - made in NL

Food for Skin


100% natural premium skincare without any microplastics or chemicals. Partially circular sourced from food waste.